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Why Your Business Needs a Branded Zoom Background

With today's remote work environment, we are all adapting to virtual meetings. Zoom has been a life-saver for teams that need to meet and stay connected. Why not use this as an opportunity to promote your brand?

Companies can utilize the Zoom feature to upload their very own customized backgrounds. Whether it is internal teams, sales teams, networking or any other purpose for discussion the possibilities are endless!

With a customized branded background you will:

  • Promote your brand

  • Add a level of professionalism to your meetings

  • Avoid any confusion as to who is speaking and what company they represent

  • Present as a united team

Don't miss out on this simple, yet powerful opportunity!

Need help designing your custom backgrounds? Contact Schaiper Design at, 513-941-0582.

Jackie Schaiper is an experienced, freelance graphic designer creating and maintaining brands for agencies and internal marketing teams. 

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